Macrocheira kaempferi
Genus: Macrocheira
Species: M. kaempferi

The Japanese Spider Crab or the japanese name たか-あし-がに literally meaning tall legs crab are crabs found of the southern coast of the Japanese island of Honshu. These crabs have the longest legs in the world reaching up to 3.8 meters. They also are quite heavy with an astonishing weight of 19kg. This crab can be found in both shallow and very deep waters.

The crabs have an amoured exoskeleton to protect themselves from larger predators like the octopus. The exoskeleton also helps the crabs calmouflage. The interesting invertebrates can live in the wild for about 100 years. This crab likes to eat animal carcasses and shellfish. You could say there are a bit... shellfish when eating ahahahahha. The japanese spider crab mates in spring in deep waters. The female lays its eggs then carries them around until they hatch.

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