Apple Snail
Geographical Range Southern United States to South America; West Indies
Habitat Ponds, swamps, ditches, yards
Scientific Name Pomacea sp.
Conservation Status Common

The apple snail, live in ponds, swamps and ditches. Freshwater snails tend to live in hard water, since they use minerals in the water to make their shells. Most apple snails also avoid extreme cold or warm water, and they move to different depths to find the correct temperatures.

Ampullariidae are different to noraml snails as they have both a gill and a lung, therefore Apple snails are amphibious, They live in tropical and sub-tropical regions. Though they sometimes leave the water, they usually remain beneath the surface. To keep themselves moist during dry periods, apple snails bury themselves in mud and hide themselves in their shell to keep from drying out.

In Veracruz, Mexico, there is a subspecies of apple snail known as Pomacea patula catemacensis. This subspecies is native to Lake Catemaco. This snail is known as "tegogolo" and is eaten food that is highly nutritious and low in fat.

Apple snails are popular aquarium animals because of their attractive appearance and size. When looked after, some apple snail species can reach 15 cm (5.9 in) diameter. Apple snails are the biggest living freshwater snails on Earth.

Apple snails eat vegetables, fish food pellets, brine shrimps, frozen foods, dead fish, insects, fruits, microscopic vegetation and crops.

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