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Instructions for year 7 First Choose an invertebrate, Here are some photos which have been identified for you to choose from

Write a wiki page on your selected invertebrate, you need to include:

- A Picture of your selected invertebrate

- The scientific name of your invertebrate ( this will be its Genus followed by its species. The genus has a capital first letter while species is all in lower case. The whole thing is in italics.

-Your need 2 factual paragraphs

Include 4 facts about the organisms habitat, 2 facts about its diet/ eating habits, 2 facts about how it breeds and 4 other interesting facts. For each paragraph pick 6 facts and structure them into sentences, each sentence should have 1 or 2 facts

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Invertebrates are all animals which do not have a backbone, this includes; crustaceans, molluscs, insects, corals, arachnids, worms and many others. The majority of animal species (over 97%) are invertebrates. This wiki explores some examples of specific invertebrates organised by their phylum. 

Phyllum Cnideria are dome shaped organisms that are mostly aquatic, they move by drifting through currents or attach to rocks. They contain no skeleton and have cause stings using thread like structures called nematocysts. Examples include Aurerlia Aurita and Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Phyllum Athropoda are segmented organisms and their bodies are divided into a head, thorax and abdomen. They have tough exoskelotons and move using wings or legs powered by muscle contractions. Examples include; red back spider, spider crab, Asian giant hornet, jumping spider

Phyllum Mollusca have a large muscular foot, sometimes is in the form of tentacles. Most of them have a shell and a rough tongue known as a radula. some examples include; mimic octopus and apple snails  

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